Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Prayer of Ibn Mashish

A nice rendition of Ibn Mashish's Salat, with a couple of nice images (sorry, I'm not really a film-maker...)


Rafael said...

As salam `alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Do you know, sidi, where I might find the text for the Mashishiya?

Khalid Williams said...

kamal latiff said...

beautiful sidi....thank you. barakaallahufik.

hafsah said...

do you happen to know where i can get the sharh of this beautiful salat?
jazakallah khayr

Habib Matthieu said...

Jazakallah khayran Sidi,

may Allah bless your Sheikh, you and your family and let you fully benefit from the blessed month of Ramadan.

Wa Salam

Khalid Williams said...

Allah fik Sidi, same to you and to all the believers, amin.

عبد اللطيف said...


as-salaam alaikum

for a sharh of the text of Sidi Abdi-Salam's salat go to:

It's in Arabic...


Anonymous said...

Assalaamu Alaykum Yaa Sidi Khalid. This is a humble request from myself that you translate a good sharh on the Sallat al-Mashishi for the benefit of the Mureeds minfadlik.

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