Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dhikr is the Source of All Good

Shaykh al-'Alawi's poem, sung by Sidna Shaykh al-Buzidi. It always feels like an honour to be present when the Shaykh sings.

Dhikr Sbab Kull Khayr.mp3


Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore said...

Al-hamdulillah for this audio song by Sidna Shaykh al-Buzidi. I am a murid of Shaykh ibn al-Habib of Fez, buried in Meknes, raheemullah, and in the mid-1970s six of us in a Pugeot drove into Algeria from Tangiers to visit his fuqara in Algeria, following a list that took us from Oran to Mascara, to Blida, down to Laghouat and Chat and back again, after his death (1972), and everywhere the fuqara sang his diwan and that of Shaykh al-Alawi, these strong voices that enter your very bones, and turn the sluggish heart toward Allah. It's a great blessing to hear the shaykh sing and the fuqara chorus behind him, and reminds me, this many years later, of that blessed time.

May Allah increase the light in all His beloveds,

Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore

Khalid Williams said...

Jazakum Allah Sidi, very nice to see a comment from one of our 'Convert Muslim aristocracy', as I somehow always imagine it :)

kamal said...

alhamdullilah wa shukrillah sidi for your efforts in this blog. Barakallah unto you. I have been listening adkir asbab kullu khair in the car now.....thank you sidi.

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