Friday, February 01, 2008

Spouses, Seeds, and Prayers.

One of them said: 'Marriage does not guarantee children, and planting seeds does not guarantee crops, and prayer does not guarantee Paradise.'

Getting married does not necessarily mean we will have children; yet how are we to have children if we do not take spouses? And planting seeds does not necessarily mean that the crops will flourish; yet how are we to get crops without planting? And praying does not neccesarily mean that we will enter Paradise; yet how are we to get there without praying?

So marry, and trust in God; and sow, and trust in God; and pray, and trust in God.


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Hamza Weinman said...

Beautiful hikma dear brother.

I was just asked by a non-Muslim colleague about the question of free-will and predestination in Islam. Although he was looking for a purely intellectual response wise sayings such as this should suffice for those with open hearts. We were in His loving care and wisdom in pre-eternity, as we are now, and as we always will be. Should we not be grateful servants?

Your little brother,
Hamza Weinman

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