Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Attributes of the Friend of Allah

(Sidi 'Ali al-Jamal):

Of the attributes of the Perfected Wali of Allah is that has no need for anything other than the state in which Allah has placed him at any one moment. He has no wish, other than for that which the Divine Omnipotence has decreed.

One day, the companions of our Sheikh, Sidi Ahmad al-Yamani, may Allah benefit us by him, were arguing about the reality of Wilaya, Sainthood. Each had his own opinion, and as the dispute continued they decided to take the matter to the Sheikh. They each presented to him their view of the reality of sainthood, and the Sheikh listened without confirming the words of any of them. When they saw they were incapable of reaching the mark, they said: 'O Sidi, we hope from Allah and yourself that you will inform us of the truth of the matter. What is the reality of sainthood?'

The Sheikh replied: 'When he who possesses sainthood is sitting in the shade, his self does not crave to be seated in the sun; and when he is sitting in the sun, his self does not crave to be seated in the shade.'


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